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Best Full Length Mirrors

A full-length mirror is not just a decorative piece but a practical necessity for every home. It serves a dual purpose: enhancing the aesthetics of your living space while boosting your self-confidence. Providing a complete reflection of your appearance helps you correct the feng shui of your house and fill any confidence gaps you may have. In essence, these mirrors are a beauty enhancer for your home and a confidence booster for you.

Due to their relatively large size, these types of mirrors catch everyone’s eye and attract everyone. Also, if the amount of light in your room is low, you can bring natural light into the room by using a large mirror. If the size of your room is small, then you can increase the size of the room artificially by using this mirror.

After getting dressed and before going out, look at yourself in a full-length mirror to see everything perfectly. This is required for men and women equally. So, any room needs to have a full-length mirror of the best quality. Here, we have selected some of the best full length mirrors for you, which you will surely like. You can set them at your preferred location.

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall Full Length Mirror

Best Overall Full Length Mirrors

Our selection of full-length mirrors is among the most preferred because its perfect design and brightness will impress you. It will also attract visitors to your home or customers in your workplace. Placing a mirror enclosed in a golden frame will add beauty to the surroundings of the space and influence it. As the size and color are perfect, it is the top choice for customers.

The rectangular-shaped mirror is available in a golden and black frame with the same shape. To maintain the maximum quality of the mirror, do not get any different sizes. It can be used in a number of ways, making it look beautiful in every position. Also, the aluminum frame keeps the mirror strong. A stand is provided for reclining use, which can be removed and used at any time.

Six layers are provided to strengthen the glass, thus reducing the damage even if the glass is broken. Also, since the frame is made of aluminum, you can use it for a long time without worrying about rusting. You can change places without worrying because the weight is less according to size. So don’t hesitate to use this best floor length mirror. The best part is that you get all the hardware to install the mirror with it, plus a brand new one if your supply breaks before.

Dimensions: 59″L x 16″W | Weight: 14.9 pounds | Color: Gold | Frame Material: Aluminum

2. Best Selling Full Length Mirror

Best Selling Full Length Mirrors

The mirror presented here is the top-selling mirror in the best affordable full length mirror category. You will find more selling mirrors, but there are many designs and sizes, and only full-length mirrors are the best quality in a single category. While you get one size in the previous mirror, you get many sizes in this one. But we have picked this mirror because it is the best-selling and everyone’s favorite. The mirror’s realistic reflection will enlarge your space and allow you to see HD images.

Apart from the arched design, you also get the mirror in a rectangular shape, which you can hang on the wall and place horizontally and vertically. The mirror given here is 64 inches, but if you want larger sizes as per your requirement, you can get mirrors that are 71 inches and 76 inches. The frame in the mirror is made of aluminum, which fits each mirror in the same way so that the mirror will remain strong for a long time.

The mirror fits anywhere in your home. It is also suitable for use in showrooms or salons to view full-body images. You can change its place and use it according to your needs, and you can easily open or attach the accessories that come with it. If golden color is not your thing, then go for the mirror with a black color frame that suits all the spaces. For long use, maintain regularly and keep away from water. All in all, you will find this is the best full length mirror for you.

Dimensions: 65″L x 22″W | Weight: 20 pounds | Color: Gold | Frame Material: Aluminum

3. Best Frame Full Length Mirror

Best Frame Full Length Mirrors

If you are looking for the best full body mirror with a good frame, then get this one. This mirror is popular because of its frame and design. The mirror is so perfectly crafted that anyone will love it, and it fits well in any size room. For full-body viewing, the mirror can be set in a shopping mall or office, where you can see the HD reflection on it.

The mirror has a 1.5-inch wide frame and a metal frame on the back to make the mirror strong and durable, so the mirror weighs a total of 40 pounds. The angular spaces are designed to be rounded to keep you free from accidents. The mirror is available in gold and silver colors but is often given a color.

Like other mirrors, you don’t have to think about the height or sides because two sides are made perfectly so that it doesn’t look bad in any situation. You can use this mirror horizontally and vertically, and it comes with everything to set up. Although the top is polished with a high-quality color, please keep it away from water and clean it to keep it from rusting. Among the best full length mirrors, you can confidently take this mirror with the best frame.

Dimensions: 65″L x 21″W | Weight: 40 Pounds | Color: Black | Frame Material: Metal

4. Best Frameless Full Length Mirror

Best Frameless Full Length Mirrors

This mirror should enhance the beauty of a space’s decoration. This best full length wall mirror with frameless HD reflection will give you a premium feel and catch everyone’s eye. Due to its versatility, you can use it in many places. As needed, you can hang it on the bathroom vanity and set it next to the dressing table to watch yourself.

Although there is no frame in the front of the mirror, there is a strong, high-quality MDF material frame in the back to maintain elasticity. The mirror is relatively heavy at 28.6 pounds, so fit it in a good quality wall. Here, you will find several versions of this mirror that are smaller in size than you can place in bathrooms and vanities.

To decorate the living room, you can hang the full-length mirror horizontally on the back wall of the sofa set. Setting instructions are included in the manufacturer’s book and with the materials. To prolong the mirror’s life, keep it away from water and wipe it regularly with a clean cloth to prevent stains. If you have enough space for decoration, then take the best quality full length mirror.

Dimensions: 65″L x 24″W | Weight: 28.6 Pounds | Color: Silver | Frame Material: Glass

5. Best Window Full Length Mirror

Best Window Full Length Mirrors

Window mirrors are used to increase the amount of light in a room by creating artificial light reflection if the amount of light inside the room is low. This type of mirror is usually medium in shape and is used to hang on the wall against the light. But here’s the best large floor mirror that lets you multitask. You place this type of mirror in the bedroom to see yourself or increase the amount of light. You can also use it in the lighting to enhance the beauty of the living room.

The mirror is made using a double iron frame, which preserves its strength. The mirror is also separated from the frames in front of it to prevent damage and for easy cleaning. This black-frame mirror is also available in several sizes.

It is better to hang the mirror on the wall than to use it standing, as this will create the feeling of a large window in your room. Since the top is arched, you cannot set it vertically. No stand is provided with the mirror, but hooks are provided for wall hanging. It’s easy to assemble, but since it’s heavy, set it up to take someone with you. If you see any problem while using the mirror, contact an expert or contact the manufacturer. Hopefully, this will be one of the best full length mirrors.

Dimensions: 65″L x 22″W | Weight: 30.45 Pounds | Color: Black | Frame Material: Iron

6. Best Oval Full Length Mirror

Best Oval Full Length Mirrors

If you want to hang it on the wall and use its full length in a small space, then use this  best full length wall mirror with this oval-shaped. Due to its relatively small size, it will fit nicely in small bedrooms, bathrooms, and entryways. However, because of its oval shape, it cannot be kept standing or leaning on the floor.

A leather sling is used to hang the mirror, and an aluminum frame is used all around to keep the mirror strong. The thickness of the aluminum frame is 0.7 inches, and the leather is about 20 inches, which you can set according to the height of the mirror. Apart from the oval shape, you will also get the arch design, which is available in 2 colors: gold and black.

You can place the mirror on the door instead of on the wall if you want. In addition to the house, you have it in the gym, showroom, or salon because it will be considered as a favorite mirror among customers. With hanging Hooks, you will get all the materials for easy hanging. By reading the manufacturer’s book, you can set it up and follow the tips given there to maintain the quality of the mirror for a long time. You have to agree that it is the best oval full-length mirror.

Dimensions: 48″L x 16″W | Weight: 13.09 Pounds | Color: Gold | Frame Material: Aluminum

7. Best Door Mounted Full Length Mirror

Best Door Mounted Full Length Mirrors

These mirrors are perfect for those who need more space in their bedroom or bathroom. This type of mirror allows you to see yourself completely without wasting any space. The back of the mirror has a pure silver coating that helps you see HD images and low-light conditions.

The size of the mirror is 47 inches in length and 14 inches in width, using aluminum as the frame. It has been lightened for wall hanging, so the mirror weighs 7 lbs. Also, shatterproof glass is used in the mirror, which produces better reflection than normal glass and does not cause any damage if broken. It is the best cheap full length mirror among low-priced mirrors.

The mirror is a bit smaller than other full-length mirrors, so it cannot be used on the floor. If you are looking for an arched or lighted mirror instead of this one, you will get it here. Also, if you want to use it without attaching it to the door, you can attach it to the wall and use it anywhere, such as an entryway or living room. This is the best door-mounted mirror among the best full length mirrors.

Dimensions: 47″L x 14″W | Weight: 7.72 Pounds | Color: Black | Frame Material: Aluminum

8. Best Wavy Full Length Mirror

Best Wavy Full Length Mirrors

This mirror is designed only for women who like to see themselves completely after dressing up. At home, it is perfect for placing next to the bedroom or dressing room. You can also place this mirror in a fashion showroom or beauty salon, which will be considered a beauty enhancement and attractive at the same time.

The mirror has an MDF frame and 0.2-inch-thick glass. Anchor it with drywall to prevent damage to the frame. The high-quality coating on the back of the mirror will provide HD images and help bring natural light to the room after installation.

Apart from the blue frame, you will also get the mirror in pink and white frames. If you want to enhance its beauty, you can use it in the living room or entryway. In addition to leaning against the wall, you can hang it on the wall or stand it up using the stand. You don’t need to take all these things separately because you will get everything with the mirror, so take it to use for your needs. This mirror is among the best full body mirrors.

Dimensions: 63″L x 24″W | Weight: 41.5 pounds | Color: Blue | Frame Material: Engineered Wood

9. Best LED Full Length Mirror

Best LED Full Length Mirrors

The new version of full-length mirrors is LED mirrors, which are called smart mirrors. The mirrors look similar in size but have many additional features that will make your full-length mirror even easier to use. When you see yourself in the mirror, you will feel better than before, and it will help boost your confidence.

The most interesting thing about this mirror is the design of the lights around it, which makes it different in terms of beauty. With the color of the light, you can set it as you like, where several colors are given at the same time. There are also three color options for viewing yourself: white light, warm light, and yellow light. To control all this, the mirror has a touch button in the center that you can use to change the color and turn it on. An anti-fogging option is provided to remove fog from the mirror during use in the bathroom.

Apart from the bedroom, you can set it horizontally on the bathroom vanity without any clutter. Apart from this mirror, you will find LED mirrors in many designs that have different lights. As the best led full length mirror, this smart mirror has many advantages, so you can take it with confidence. But before taking it, know well about smart mirror rules.

Dimensions: 63″L x 20″W | Weight: 20 Pounds | Color: Triangle White | Frame Material: Aluminum

10. Best Decorative Full Length Mirror

Best Decorative Full Length Mirrors

A decorative full-length mirror helps you see the full body look and enhances the beauty of the space. Our chosen mirror does these two functions simultaneously, which makes this design very popular. A few companies have mirrors of this design, but only here will you find the mirror in the best full length floor mirrors. The mirror can be placed on the bedroom vanity and looks good in the fashion showroom as well.

The mirror’s size is 65” x 22”, including the frame, and 58” x 13.5”, excluding the frame. MDF board is used on the back to maintain its elasticity, and over 50 pieces of Beveled Edge glass are used to design the frame. The D ring and stand are provided at the back, making it perfect for horizontal and vertical use.

If necessary, you can set this mirror on the wall of the bathroom, the back wall of the sofa, or the back wall of the bed to increase its beauty. If you want a smaller mirror, you can get it here, too. The design is perfect, so wipe it with a clean cloth to retain its beauty. Contact the company if there is any problem during delivery.

Dimensions: 22″L x 65″W | Weight: 7 Pounds | Color: Silver | Frame Material: Glass

11. Best Traditional Floor Length Mirror

Best Traditional Floor Length Mirror

Traditional mirrors are considered part of tradition and nobility. In earlier times, queens used this type of mirror to see themselves. So we have selected this beautiful traditional mirror for you to see yourself completely with tradition. The design of the mirror is vintage, but its current HD reflection will help you see clearly. You can place this best floor mirror anywhere in the house to enhance its beauty.

The iron frame of this slim-shaped full-length mirror is designed to add beauty. It measures 65 inches in length and 21 inches in width. Engineered wood is used behind it to protect the entire mirror, and the glass is shutter-proof. It also has a stand with all the accessories to stand neutrally.

You can also place the mirror in entryways, bathrooms, and fashion showrooms to make any space look luxurious. If you don’t like black or it doesn’t go with your decor, then you can choose gold and silver mirrors. Apart from seeing yourself and increasing the beauty of the room, you can use it to increase the amount of light in the room. Take care of this mirror for long-term use.

Dimensions: 65″L x 21″W | Weight: 24.9 Pounds | Color: Black | Frame Material: Iron

12. Best Wood Frame Floor Length Mirror

Best Wood Frame Floor Length Mirrors

Wooden framed mirrors have been popular for ages, and this type of mirror is one of the most sought-after in the field of decoration. The wooden frame provides strength to the mirror glass and also gives it a natural style in beauty. Here, we have selected the unfinished best wooden frame mirror that looks handmade.

The wooden frame around the mirror is 5 inches wide and 2.5 inches thick. It goes through several processes before fitting to the mirror so that you can be 100% sure about the frame. The frame mirror weighs 24 lbs. The mirror comes with the necessary tools so you can set it up in your preferred location without any fuss.

You can choose the mirror in 4 color frames and also get a 64-inch mirror instead of 58 inch. Due to the size of the frame, the mirror is relatively small, so if you want to take a bigger mirror, take a bigger mirror. You can use the mirror in several positions, but it will not stand freely if it does not have a stand. The frame is wooden, so it won’t get easily damaged by water, but make sure to keep it away from water and clean it regularly. This wooden frame mirror is one of the best full length mirrors.

Dimensions: 58″L x 24″W | Weight: 24.03 Pounds | Color: Brown | Frame Material: Wood

13. Best Beveled Edge Full Length Mirror

Best Beveled Edge Full Length Mirrors

Beveled edge mirrors are always popular with everyone. This type of mirror looks like any other mirror, but when you stand in front of the Beveled Edge mirror, you will feel more bright and tidy. Beveled Edge Full-Length Mirrors are not widely available, but we have selected the ones you will love. Along with the beveled edge, this mirror is frameless, which gives it an added advantage to attract people’s attention.

The mirror we have selected for you is 60 inches long, but you can get 48 inches if you prefer. You can’t put it on the floor because it doesn’t have a frame. Due to its slimness, it can easily fit into small spaces such as bathroom doors, closet doors, and walls. Separately designed hooks are provided with the mirror to hold it to the wall so that the mirror can be easily placed.

The mirror can only be set vertically, and the tools are fitted to the mirror in that way. Because there is no frame, place the mirror in a place where it will not be hit or bumped to keep it secure. You can take the mirror with confidence because of its low price and small size, which makes this mirror perfect.

Dimensions: 60″L x 16″W | Weight: 22 Pounds | Color: Silver | Frame Material: Glass

14. Best Crystal Full Length Mirror

Best Crystal Full Length Mirrors

Full-length mirrors express style by giving them a full look. But this mirror reveals more beauty than other mirrors. So, if you want to get this mirror, keep in mind whether it will fit in the space. These crystal mirrors can be placed in any place, including your home, to add beauty.

To make the mirror, the glass is cut to perfect safety and covered with a strong aluminum frame. The silver coating on the back of the mirror gives it a realistic reflection. It comes with a stand for freestanding use and all assembly materials. Being light, you can carry it anywhere, and it fits nicely in any space.

The mirror is good for bathroom settings, as the glass frame is rust-free. However, to maintain beauty and longevity, follow a regular mirror cleaning routine. This is one of the best full-length mirrors in terms of design.

Dimensions: 65″L x 21.6″W | Weight: 35.8 Pounds | Color: Crystal | Frame Material: Glass

15. Best Free Standing Floor Length Mirror

Best Free Standing Floor Length Mirrors

As long as you see the mirrors, all the designs of the mirrors and the design of this mirror are different. Previous mirrors need to be set up after purchase, but you can start using this mirror straight away. You can use the mirror by changing the place at any time according to your needs. You can also change the direction of the mirror and set it according to your preference.

The mirror with the stand is 60 inches in size. The full mirror body is made of wood with a brown polish. The paint and wood are good, so they will not spoil easily. Also, the glass used in it is shatterproof, so there is no fear of damage.

You will get the mirror in one color, but the color is everyone’s favorite and will look good anywhere. You can use it anywhere, from home to the showroom. So grab the best freestanding full-length mirror at low prices now.

Dimensions: 18.8″L x 18″W | Weight: ‎14 Pounds | Color: ‎Brown | Frame Material: Wood

16. Best Irregular Full Length Mirror

Best Irregular Full Length Mirrors

If you want to look beautiful in your bedroom and yourself, then take this irregular-shaped mirror. The design and material of the mirror are similar to those of the wavy mirror shown above. These mirrors are designed for girls and look perfect next to dressing rooms or in girls’ fashion showrooms.

The mirror looks small, but it measures 63″L x 24″ W. The frame is made of Engineered Wood and is covered with soft fabric. The cloth enhances the beauty of the mirror as well as protects the mirror from external damage. The mirror is available in 3 colors: white, pink, and blue.

It doesn’t come with a stand, so you can use it by leaning it against the wall or hanging it. Two hooks are provided for hanging on the wall. To clean it, wipe with a dry cloth and blower to remove dust. The best affordable floor mirror will be liked by many women and children in the house.

Dimensions: 63″L x 24″W | Weight: 40.5 pounds | Color: Pink | Frame Material: Engineered Wood

17. Best Floor Length Mirror With Jewelry Cabinet

Best Floor Length Mirrors With Jewelry Cabinet

The mirror you see here is made just for girls where you will get a Jewelry Cabinet together. Designing the mirror in such a way makes it easy for women to dress up where all the products can be arranged together. It comes with two mirrors, one with a small mirror with a light that can be used while applying makeup so that you can see yourself completely after you are done with makeup.

The size of the Jewelry & Mirror Cabinet is 63 inches in length and 14 inches in width. By placing the mirror on the stand, you can rotate it 360 degrees. By doing this, you can bring the back side of it to the front and decorate it with your favorite decorative items. The Jewelry Cabinet has a locking option and a drawer below to store essentials. The entire Jewelry Cabinet is made of wood, which has been polished with color.

This mirror cabinet comes in four colors, so buy the one that suits your space perfectly. There are many jewelry cabinets with mirrors available on the market, but this one is the best. It comes with all kinds of things that you won’t get with any other jewelry cabinet. So take it without looking extra because it is the best full-length mirror with jewelry storage.

Dimensions: ‎14.5″D x 15.8″W x 63.4″H | Weight: ‎45.5 Pounds | Color: ‎Grey | Frame Material: ‎Wood

Where to Put Full-Length Mirror

Full-length mirrors can be installed in all parts of the house according to need. You can even set them up for use in places other than home. Let’s see where mirrors can be placed and where they look best.


Full-length mirrors are used in bedrooms for various reasons. But it is better to place them where they are important for work. To enhance the beauty of the bedroom, keep them as a focal point and set them near the window to increase the light in the room. They are also suitable for standing next to the bed or hanging on the wall.

Closet or Dressing Area

A full-length mirror is essential if you have a separate dressing area. If you want to look dressed, set it next to the dressing table. You can also mount it on the bathroom wall to save space.

Entryway or Foyer

Adding a full-length mirror is a good idea to give a warm welcome to guests coming home. You can use it for both practical and decorative purposes. This is a convenient place to test the look before leaving the house, and it will make your entryway look bigger.


Placing a full-length mirror in a hallway can help brighten the space and make it feel larger. It can also be used as a decorative element.

Living Room

A good place to set a full-length mirror with another mirror in the living room. You can hang the mirror next to the sofa set or hang it on the back wall. Mirrors help to increase light and space in the living room, especially in small rooms.

Home Gym or Exercise Area

The gym is full of mirrors on the wall, but a full-length mirror is essential to check your form during the workout. A mirror set against the exercise equipment will look great.


If the bathroom has a mirror above the sink, adding a full-length mirror would be beneficial if there is enough space. This will give you a full view and help the bathroom feel more spacious.


Mirrors are the most important product for fashion showrooms. When you walk into a showroom, you will see more than one mirror. Because mirrors allow you to see yourself completely, they also increase the amount of light in the showroom.