The 7 Best Places to Put Chandelier in House

Discover ideal spots for your house’s chandelier placement effortlessly.

Where to Put Chandelier in House

Just as the right chandelier is needed to add beauty to the home, choosing the right place is also important. A well-placed chandelier will enhance your ambiance and style.

Who doesn’t like a grand entrance, romantic bedrooms, and elegant dining rooms? So choosing the right place and chandelier is essential for placing the chandelier. Choosing the right spot will enhance the beauty and fill the space with light. So we have selected seven places in the house where the chandelier is perfect, and you will love it.

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1. Entryway or Foyer (Grand Entrance)

Where to Put Chandelier in House

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Where is the first impression the best impression? So, consider the room’s entrance as the place to place the chandelier. By seeing this, the guests can consider how the beauty inside the house will be. In this case, choose a chandelier that matches the style of the entryway. If the ceiling height of the foyer is high or the size of the entryway is large, choose large chandeliers. Set at an appropriate height that is neither too high nor too low to greet guests with warmth and elegance.

2. Dining Room (Elegant Dining Experience)

Where to Put Chandelier in House

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One of the most places to hang chandeliers in the home is over the dining table. Placing chandeliers here will provide enough light for your meal and add sophistication to the dining experience. To choose a chandelier for the dining room, first consider the shape of the table. If the table size is longer, then consider liner chandeliers. In this case, consider the chandelier covering 2/3 of the table. Place it low enough to illuminate the table but not where it obstructs your line of sight or speech. You can have the option to turn the lamp up or down if you want.

3. Living Room (Sophisticated Gathering Space)

Where to Put Chandelier in House

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Add a beautiful chandelier as a focal point to add luxury and full aesthetics to the living room, which will enhance the room’s ambiance. Depending on the room’s layout, you can place the chandelier in the center or above the focal point of the coffee table in the living area. In this case, the light falls perfectly in all places, so the size of the lamp is placed at a sufficient ceiling height. Choose Contemporary and Empire-type chandeliers for the living room.

4. Bedroom (Romantic Retreat)

Where to Put Chandelier in House

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Add chandeliers to give the bedroom a romantic and luxurious feel. Depending on the layout and size of the bedroom, choose chandeliers to add to the focal point above the bed or on the ceiling. Since it is not advisable to have more than one chandelier in the bedroom, choose a chandelier with a low light and design that will enhance the bedroom’s ambiance. Install a chandelier that fits harmoniously with the height of the ceiling.

5. Kitchen (Functional Elegance)

Where to Put Chandelier in House

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Although adding a chandelier to the kitchen is not very important, you can install a chandelier to make the kitchen more beautiful. Choose the chandelier so that it is not the main light source in the kitchen. In this case, avoid choosing chandeliers that are too big or difficult to clean—choose the appropriate height for placement that complements the overall height of the kitchen.

6. Bathroom (Luxurious Retreat)

Where to Put Chandelier in House

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Add chandeliers to a larger bathroom to add elegance and sophistication. Place the chandelier above the bathtub or the focal point of the bathroom ceiling to make it a focal point. Bathrooms tend to be damp and wet environments, so choose a chandelier that can withstand these conditions. Select the place of installation so that the light of the chandelier falls equally in all places.

7. Staircase (Dramatic Accent)

Where to Put Chandelier in House

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If you have a grand staircase in your home, consider setting a chandelier on it to create a focal point. Place the perfect chandelier in it, proportional to the stairs. In addition to being proportionate, it should be hung at a height where it is safe to walk under it. Chandeliers placed in this position will enhance the overall design of your home and add elegance with visual interest.