The 9 Best Blanket Ladders – Top Picks 2024

Decorate your space with our picked these best rated blanket ladders.


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Best Blanket Ladders

Improve both your comfort and space with a blanket ladder. This blanket ladder is very effective in enhancing the visual aesthetics of your home decor. Blanket ladders are made with a spring design to complete your home interior. These types of blanket ladders combine form and function.

Blanket ladders are more than just storage accessories. It enhances the beauty of your clutter. This blanket ladder is modern and small, so you can use it in your bedroom, living room, or home office. You can place this blanket ladder anywhere you like.

Blanket ladders provide you with years of dependable durability. Because this ladder is made of high-quality materials. The designs of these ladders are very modern, used from rustic farmhouse to city chic. Blanket ladders express your style and bring beauty, elegance, and warmth to your living spaces. We have selected some of the best blanket ladders that you will love.

Our Top Picks

1. Best Choice: mDesign Metal Leaning Blanket and Towel Ladder

Best Blanket Ladders

Are you looking for the best quality and everyone’s favorite ladder for storing towels, blankets, and scarves? Then, you can take our handpicked towel ladder. You can easily access blankets, towels, scarves, etc. at your fingertips. This towel ladder is stored in a convenient place without any hassle.
You can keep this metal towel ladder in the bedroom, bathroom, and living room—no problem installing it on the wall. Easily place this towel ladder against the wall. You can wipe it with a wet or dry cloth if it is dirty. This towel ladder is anti-rust.
The design of the towel ladder is leaning. A metal finish has been used to enhance the attractiveness. This towel ladder is made of high-quality steel, ensuring long-lasting durability. The towel ladder is matte black and weighs 7.43 pounds.

Dimensions: 19.25″L x 5.25″W x 65.5″H | Weight: 7.39 pounds | Color: Matte Black | Material: Steel | Installation Type: Freestanding

2. Best Selling: RELODECOR 6-Tier Wall Leaning Blanket Ladder for Bedroom

Best Blanket Ladders

We bring you the best-selling wooden towel ladder ever. This wooden towel ladder is for those of you who love wooden furniture. The towel ladder has a stair design and incline. Tiers make a functional as well as attractive display for stairs. You can enhance your bedroom decor by placing the ladder in your bedroom. Apart from the bedroom, you can keep it in the bathroom and living room. By doing this, blankets, towels, and scarves can be easily accessed at your fingertips, and your storage solution will be aesthetically pleasing.

This towel mite is hassle-free to install and dusty; wipe it with a damp cloth to shine again. This towel ladder is of RELODECOR brand, and the material is Engineered Wood. The ladder is gray and weighs 10.68 lbs.

Dimensions: 18.25″L x 4.99″W x 68″H | Weight: ‎10.68 pounds | Color: Brown | Material: Engineered Wood | Installation Type: Freestanding

3. Best Durable : WTZ 5-Layer Blanket Ladder with Anti-Slip Construction

Best Blanket Ladders

Are you looking for a rack to organize your messy blankets and piles of clothes? Then, you can take this durable decorative blanket ladder. A blanket ladder will not only store your blankets but also enhance your home’s decor. You can safely keep blankets, clothes, scarves, and handbags in this modern 5-level staircase without any fear of falling down. It complements the aesthetics of your living space thanks to its contemporary design and sleek finish.

You can easily install the blanket ladder in a small space without any trouble. All the hardware is provided; follow the instructions and install this blanket ladder in a few minutes. The bamboo ladder is easy to maintain; if it gets dusty occasionally, it will be cleaned with a dry or wet cloth—a varnished black item weighing 4.65 lbs. Apart from the black color, you will get it in brown and white color which hopefully you will like.

Dimensions: 1.57″D x 17.63″W x 59.25″H | Weight: 4.65 pounds | Color: Black | Material: Bamboo | Installation Type: Freestanding

4. Best Bamboo: Navaris Linen Railing Hang Bamboo Ladder

Best Blanket Ladders

Gone are the days of worrying about items scattered across clothes, blankets, and towels in your home. We have selected the Navaris bamboo towel ladder for you. Please pick up your scattered items and leave them on this ladder. This ladder is very helpful in organizing your messy things. The towel ladder is lightweight so that you can carry it anywhere. You can easily access this ladder next to the door, in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, and balcony. This bamboo towel ladder helps make your home decor more aesthetic.

You can keep blankets, towels, clothes, scarves, and bags in this 6-shelf ladder. You can easily place this ladder against the wall of your choice. All necessary hardware and instructions are included. Its design differs from other ladders as it is hollowed out from the top to the bottom for firm standing—5.18 pounds for the white ladder. Apart from white, you can get it in dark brown and light brown.

Dimensions: 22″L x 1.18″W x 67″H | Weight: 6.03 pounds | Color: White | Material: Bamboo | Installation Type: Wall-Mounted

5. Best Wood: Honest Rustic Shelf Stand Wall Leaning Blanket Ladder

Best Blanket Ladders

Make your room more aesthetic with our wooden rustic blanket ladder. This rustic blanket ladder is filled with high-quality wood that is highly long-lasting and durable. This ladder can store your bathroom towels, clothes, face wash, and other items. As a result, your bathroom will look lovely. Apart from the toilet, you can keep this rustic in your bedroom, living room, balcony, or garden beautifully. 

This rustic is perfect for keeping towels, blankets, and clothes close at hand. You can use this body ladder for tiny seedlings on your balcony. This rustic ladder can be quickly taken down in a small space when needed. You can install the rustic blanket ladder without any hassle; all the installation materials are included. Color-White and Weight 7.55 lbs. Long – 4.3 feet and 9.6 inches between the bars. Install System-Wall Mounted. You will find this rustic in different sizes.

Dimensions: ‎3.5″D x 18.1″W x 51.9″H | Weight: ‎7.55 pounds | Color: Blue | Material: Wood | Installation Type: ‎Wall Mount

6. Best Affordable: ABQ Blanket Ladder Outdoor Decorative Metal Holder

Best Blanket Ladders

Collect blanket ladders to connect the interior and exterior of your home with a touch of aesthetics. This blanket ladder is perfect for outdoor or indoor towel throws, quilts, and scarves. It is very lightweight, so you can easily carry these ladders from one place to another. The towel ladder has four steps, enough to air-dry your wet towels. 

The ladder has an anti-rust, high-quality metal-coated black finish, making it long-lasting and durable. Dust can be wiped off with a wet cloth. Those who deal in clothes can also take this rack to keep clothes on display. You can place this ladder against the wall or lean it in the corner of your choice. Our chosen blanket ladder is from the ABQ brand. Color-Black and Weight-1.98 lbs. Installation Type-Wall Mounted.

Dimensions: 60 x 17.8 x 0.01 inches | Weight: 1.98 pounds | Color: Black | Material: Stainless Steel | Installation Type: Wall-Mounted

7. Best with Hooks: ELYKEN 5 -Tier Blanket Ladder for Living Room

Best Blanket Ladders

Our selection of 5-tier blanket ladders in rustic brown color will make your home decor perfect and decorative. This rustic ladder will enhance your decor and keep your clutter organized. This rustic ladder is ideal for keeping blankets, towels, and scarves close at hand.

The towel ladder is very lightweight, so you can lift and move the ladder yourself if needed. A 5-level staircase design ladder adds beauty to your living room. This ladder is sufficient for air-drying towels. If there is dirt or dust, you can clean it with a wet cloth—gray color and weight 5.88 lbs. Install type wall mounted.

Dimensions: 16.3″L x 1″W x 63″H | Weight: 2.67 Kilograms | Color: Rustic Brown | Material: Ironwood | Installation Type: Wall-Mounted

8. Best with Shelf: OYEAL Decorative Blanket Ladder with Storage Shelf

Best Blanket Ladders

You can install this blanket ladder to make your home’s living space versatile and stylish. This farmhouse ladder not only serves as a practical storage but also enhances the aesthetics of your home decor. You can place the blanket ladder in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, or laundry room. The ladder has four steps; you can easily keep blankets, towels, scarves, and veils on these stairs. You can use this ladder to hang freshly ironed clothes.

On the top shelf of the ladder, you can keep small items like detergent and glass cleaner. If there is dirt or dust, it can be cleaned with a wet cloth because this blanket ladder is made of anti-rust. This beautiful blanket ladder is made of metal and engineered wood. Color-Black and Weight-3.9lbs. Install type-leaning walls

Dimensions: 57.68″L x 17.7″W x 7.87″H | Weight: 3.85 Pounds | Color: Black | Material: Engineered Wood, Metal | Installation Type: Leaning Wall

9. Best Design: AFOOGA 5 Ft Farmhouse Wooden Blanket Ladder

Best Blanket Ladders

Farmhouse Elegance’s 5-foot wooden blanket ladder can connect your home’s indoor-outdoor appeal. You can easily keep your favorite blankets and quilts and throw towels close at hand. Leave your messy clothes, blankets, and towels on this rustic staircase. You can easily access this rustic space in your bedroom, balcony, bathroom, living room, and garden. This wooden rustic will make an attractive display in your bedroom with unique furniture. This 5ft rustic ladder is designed with the user in mind.

You can remove the blanket ladder at your convenience. Clean with a damp cloth for dirt or dust. Hassle-free installation with screws and all hardware materials and instructions are included. This rustic 5-foot wooden by Farmhouse Elegance is AFOOGA brand Natural Color—weight – 4.9 lbs. Install type-leaning walls.

Dimensions: 58″L x 22″W x 2″H | Weight: ‎4.59 pounds | Color: Natural | Material: Wood | Installation Type: Freestanding

Five Ways to Style a Blanket Ladder

Styling a blanket ladder will change the entire look of your room or space and create a new creative look. Show off your blankets using blankets in five stylish ways.

Color Coordination

You can paint the pallets and stairs on your blanket ladder with your favorite color. Choose a color that complements your space and the blanket ladder. Now arrange the blankets together and make them attractive.

Textural Variety

Experiment with different blanket materials because the Textural variety of blankets depends on the material. So before taking the ladder, know the type of blanket to suit the ladder. It not only provides visual beauty but also adds richness.

Layered Look

On the rung of the blanket ladder, neatly fold each blanket lengthwise and pull it over the slats as patterns and textures can overlap. Adopting this method will create a comfortable and stylish look in your room. As a result, creativity will appear inside your room and make it attractive.

Seasonal Themes

Depending on the season, our blankets change. For example, the colder months require warm blankets more frequently. Warmer seasons also need light and thin blankets. So blanket rugs not only refresh the decor but also change the texture and pattern of your rug depending on the season.

Mixed Media Display

To enhance the beauty of your blanket ladder, you can place decorative items with your blankets. For example, hand-woven baskets, decorative pillows, and handicrafts can be placed on the blanket ladder.