The 11 Best Oval Mirrors for Bathroom, Bedroom & Living Room

Decorate your space with the best oval mirrors for timeless sophistication.


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Best Oval Mirrors

We present to you our handpicked top 11 oval mirrors. These oval mirrors are classic designs that will enhance the artistic aesthetic of your home. These mirrors are refined to add beauty to any setting in your home.

Oval mirrors not only reflect you but also enhance the art of your home. You can install this oval mirror in the bedroom, living room, and entrance. As a result, your house will look attractive to everyone. And every person wants to make his house attractive. These oval mirrors are very carefully crafted.

These oval mirrors are very suitable for various decors. These mirrors are made with modern design and different material metallic finish. Choose your favorite oval mirror for the perfect decoration of your home.

The best oval mirrors will not only enhance the look of your home but also develop your mind. This mirror will enchant your living space and redefine the art of reflection. Make your home attractive with these mirrors.

Our Top Picks (Amazon)

1. Best Choice: TokeShimi Non-Rusting Aluminum Alloy Framed Mirror

Best Oval Mirrors

If you want to install the best quality oval mirror in your bathroom, go for it. Add this gold-colored aluminum frame mirror to a luxurious bathroom or mirror to give the bathroom an elegant look. The premium look and mirror reflection will help you look fabulous.

You can use this shatter-proof glass mirror horizontally and vertically with high-quality hooks to fit nicely on the wall. The mirror frame is 2 inches wide and available in 4 colors. Also, check out this link if you are looking for other shaped mirrors in this design. If you like this mirror, then this will be the best oval mirror for you.

Dimensions: 24″L x 36″W | Weight: 5 Pounds | Color: Gold | Frame Material: Brushed Matte Aluminum Alloy Frame

2. Best Selling: OMIRO Vintage Carved Decorative Wall Mirror

Best Oval Mirrors

If you are looking for a mirror for a lot of beauty work, you can get this vintage-look mirror. The mirror has gained popularity among all due to its wide use. The mirror is small, so it fits well with any small wall. The beautiful design on the plastic frame gives the mirror a unique look and has hooks for wall mounting. Although unsuitable for use in the bathroom, it enhances the bedroom’s or living room’s beauty.

Many designer mirrors are available to match the wall color and design of the room. Apart from the wall, you can also use it as a makeup tray. But be careful while operating as the glass will break anytime if damaged.

Dimensions: 14.7″L x 9.8″W | Weight: 13.4 ounces | Color: White Oval | Frame Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

3. Best Hanging: Qmdecor Oval Silver Mirror with Iron Chain

Best Oval Mirrors

This oval-shaped mirror is best for hanging on the wall and effectively enhances beauty. A 15-inch iron chain is provided to turn the frameless mirror. The mirror has a 4 mm silver coating on the back of the glass for brilliant reflection, and engineered wood is used on the back for long-lasting durability.

The mirror is available in 3 shapes (Round, Rectangular, and Hexagonal) apart from the Oval. It can be used anywhere to enhance beauty and use in the bathroom as needed. These mirrors are easier to install than others and come with all the installation materials.

Dimensions: 20″L x 16″W | Weight: 5.95 pounds | Color: Silver | Frame Material: Frameless

4. Best Decorative: DMDFIRST Crystal Crushed Diamond Oval Shaped Silver Mirror

Best Oval Mirrors

This mirror-made design of Crystal Crushed Diamond will enhance the room’s beauty, and you can use it anywhere. This 20-inch mirror can be placed on any wall of any size. This mirror is frameless and has a silver coating on the back of the glass. However, Engineered Wood is used at the back to strengthen the mirror, which protects it from breaking under any circumstances.

Use this type of mirror for looking at faces and decorations. The mirror is available in several designs and can be used horizontally and vertically. It also comes with a nice chain to hang it on the wall. So you can take it for decoration or to see yourself, which will be your companion for many days with regular care.

Dimensions: 20″L x 16″W | Weight: 5.95 Pounds | Color: Silver | Frame Material: Frameless

5. Best Look: Umbra Prisma Modern Geometric Shaped Oval Mirror

Best Oval Mirrors

If you want to double the visual depth of your room decoration, then a geometric shape oval mirror will be your choice. The glass of the 22-inch mirror is surrounded by a metal frame, giving the mirror a sturdy look. The mirror can be placed horizontally and vertically with the wall for which two hooks are provided at two angles behind it.

Apart from the black color, you will get three colors (gold, copper, and white) inside this design. In addition to walls for decoration, you can also use it to display decorative products on the table. Clean the mirror according to usage to keep the reflection looking new for a long time. This is the best-arched mirror among these shaped mirrors.

Dimensions: 22″L x 17″W | Weight: 4 Pounds | Color: Black | Frame Material: Metal

6. Best Full Length: Kasibie Oval Arch Full Length Mirror

Best Oval Mirrors

This mirror is the most enormous full-length mirror inside the selected oval mirror. That is perfect for use in any space. Due to its oval shape, it is not suitable for placing on the floor, so it is designed to be attached to the wall. Four hooks are provided on two sides for horizontal and vertical wall mounting. The 55-inch mirror is covered with a wooden frame that weighs

The mirror is available in white and black frames. Also, if you want this shaped lighted mirror for the bathroom, you will get that, too. You can vertically use this mirror in a double vanity to decorate the room’s wall. The mirror frame is sturdy, so you can place it securely while placing it.

Dimensions: 55″L x 20″W | Weight: 5 Pounds | Color: Black | Frame Material: Wood

7. Best Frameless: SNUGACE Single Beveled Edge Frameless Wall Mount Mirror

Best Oval Mirrors

While there are many types of oval-shaped frameless mirrors to choose from, this mirror design is one that you will love. This mirror can be used anywhere from bathroom vanity to bedroom decorative mirror. The perfect beveled edge of the mirror makes it unique and perfectly handcrafted.

The mirror can be used horizontally and vertically, for which three hooks are provided at the back of the mirror. You will find it in several sizes and the round shape inside the design where the lights are installed. It is a safe, explosion-proof mirror that will not harm your family if it breaks. It will not break easily because the back of the mirror is firmly fitted with engineered wood.

Dimensions: ‎30″L x 36″W | Weight: ‎17.6 Pounds | Color: Silver | Frame Material: Frameless

8. Best Standing: GTU Swivel Adjustable Full-Length Oval Wood Floor Mirror

Best Oval Mirrors

I saw this mirror at my friend’s house a few days ago and thought it was terrific. You can use this wooden mirror for most purposes. The place can be changed easily, so you can set it anywhere and look at yourself thoroughly; it enhances the room’s beauty.

The mirror has beautiful craftsmanship on the wood and perfectly polished paint. It is available in 8 colors from which you can choose as per your preference. All the parts are separate when it comes to you but can be easily assembled from the included instruction book. All in all, it will be a permanent mirror for your room.

Dimensions: 59″L x 22″W | Weight: 13 Pounds | Color: Cherry | Frame Material: Wood

9. Best Metal: Barnyard Designs Farmhouse Metal Framed Mirror

Best Oval Mirrors

If you want a hanging mirror covered with a strong and thick frame, then this mirror will be your choice. You can hang it on the wall with a hook or rope. You can use it in the bathroom, bedroom, and living room because it fits with any decoration.

Apart from the oval shape, you will get it here if you want a round shape inside this frame. It is trendy because the frame is made of high equal high-quality and is anti-glare. It’s much easier to deploy. It looks better hanging than hanging on the wall. The mirror is so easy to install that you can install it yourself.

Dimensions: 26″L x 18″W | Weight: 6.16 pounds | Color: Iron Metal Grey | Frame Material: Iron Metal

10. Best Lighted: TETOTE Oval LED Mirror Frontlit & Backlit

Best Oval Mirrors

This mirror is perfect if you are looking for an oval-shaped lighted mirror in a modern design. Moreover, oval-shaped mirrors with lights are not available in the market; this mirror is the best among them. The mirror is excellent for use in the bathroom, but you can also set it up in the salon or makeup room.

The mirror is available in front-lit and backlit modes, where you can quickly increase or decrease the brightness or change the color using the accompanying touch. Its most significant advantage is that they can be defogged very rapidly. Also, if you don’t turn off the light after use, it will turn off automatically after 1 hour. With all the features of modernity, it will add to the aesthetics of the place and enhance its beauty.

Dimensions: 32″L x 24″W | Weight: 16.46 pounds | Color: Silver | Frame Material: Frameless

11. Best Wood: Howard Elliott Wood Frame Wall Mirror

Best Oval Mirrors

Choose this mirror to create an elevated focal point within a simple interior. The wooden frame mirror is designed to fit anywhere in the kitchen. Four hooks on the back of the mirror can position the mirror horizontally and vertically.

The mirror’s wooden frame is oil-rubbed polished with wood color paint. Apart from this color, you will get it in 15 colors with the same quality and design. The frame is firmly placed so that it does not suffer any damage for a long time and is straightforward to install.

Dimensions: 33″L x 25″W | Weight: 15 Pounds | Color: Wood | Frame Material: Wood

How to Make Oval Mirror a Focal Point

Making an oval mirror the focal point is essential to position the mirror, complement the decor, and enhance its visual impact. Below are the guidelines for increasing the Focal Point.

Select the Right Location

Choose a place to place the mirror where the mirror will attract everyone’s attention. Choose the entryway, the focal wall of the bedroom, or the back wall of the sitting area when choosing the space.

Consider Size and Proportion

Select the size of the room and the size of the surrounding elements to place the mirror. The mirror should be significant according to the size of everything because if it is small according to the material and the size of the room, its beauty will not come out.

Frame Design and Style:

Choose the frame according to the design of the room. Choose a mirror frame that matches the color of the room. Also, if the room’s design is modern or old, select the design of the mirror frame accordingly.

Strategic Placement

Always place the mirror at a certain height and ensure it is easily visible. Consider room layout and visual flow when placing.

Enhance Lighting

Use mirrors to enhance the lighting of your space by placing mirrors in well-lit areas. It creates an inviting atmosphere and adds beauty to the entire room.

Use Accent Lighting

Place decorating lamps around the mirror to highlight its shape and frame. It makes the space around the mirror impressive.

Surround with Complementary Decor

Adorn the mirror with furniture or decorative elements to present it beautifully. Place vases, sculptures, or candles to enhance the beauty that enhances the mirror’s focal point.