The 10 Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors of 2024

Decorate your bathroom with superior lighting using the best LED mirrors.


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Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

Our illuminated bathroom mirrors are functional and give you a touch of modernity and a new lease of life to your monotonous routine. As a result, your mind will be fresh.

We use modern and technologically advanced LED lights, giving you a copy of natural light. You will be able to do the makeup work of your decoration perfectly and you will be able to do the work like shaving very nicely.

Our mirrors are not just for bathroom use. They are an aesthetic part of your family. So, whatever the theme of your bathroom, our LED bathroom mirrors will make it attractive.

Most of the selected mirrors feature touch. Which touch control or motion sensor enhances your experience? Premium mirrors with touch make your bathroom and you attractive.

Presenting the perfect combination of functionality and elegance, our illuminated bathroom mirrors redefine your daily routine with a touch of modern sophistication. These mirrors combine cutting-edge technology with contemporary design to illuminate your space and reflection.

Designed with the latest LED lighting advances, our mirrors cast a soft, natural glow that replicates daylight, ensuring optimal clarity for your decorating ritual. Built-in LED lights provide impeccable brightness and eliminate harsh shadows, making them ideal for precision tasks like applying makeup or shaving. Here, we have selected the top 10 lighted bathroom mirrors that will enhance the beauty of your bathroom and make all kinds of tasks more manageable.

Our Top Picks (Amazon)

1. Best Choice: ZELIEVE Anti-Fog Mirror Bathroom Vanity with Lights

Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

At present, LED mirrors have gained the most popularity for use in the bathroom; this type of mirror is the most preferred. Because these types of mirrors are suitable for use in the bathroom, and the attractive design of the mirror can be used in any bathroom. The mirror will give your bathroom a luxurious look, and your reflection will mesmerize you.

Any rectangular mirror can be used anywhere, but these mirrors with lights are best suited in the bathroom. Along with the modern design, the technologies in it will make your daily life easier. For example, the Anti-Fog in this mirror will provide a clear reflection to the mirror, and the bathroom will be bright in the surrounding light so that you can see your beauty well.

There are touch buttons on the bottom of the mirror that you can use to increase or decrease the light as needed and change the color. You can turn off the light after use. The most significant advantage of these mirrors is that you can install them horizontally and vertically. You will find this mirror in different sizes, with mirror sizes from 32 inches to 60 inches. The mirror frame is made of aluminum, which is water-resistant and can be used safely for many days. This mirror is cheaper than others, but the quality is much better. So feel free to pick up this mirror, as it is one of the best-lighted bathroom mirrors we selected.

Dimensions: 32″L x 24″W | Weight: 4 pounds | Color: Multi-color | Frame Material: Aluminum

2. Best Selling: Amorho 55 inch Backlit Front-Lighted Bathroom Mirror

Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

While the above rectangular mirror is affordable and our favorite, this rectangular mirror is the best-selling and most popular among all. This mirror has gained more popularity as it has the functionality of all other mirrors combined. This mirror is best in large size and can be easily set anywhere.

The lights on the front and back of the mirror keep your bathroom illuminated at all times and show your reflection in bright light at night. The mirror is anti-fog-free and has two bright lights that display three light colors. It can only be used horizontally, so a slightly larger bathroom suits this installation. The weight of the mirror is 40 pounds, which is heavy, and there is no frame around it.

The mirror is easy to install because all the components for assembly come with it. But if you are not well-versed in mirror installation, then get a mirror installation expert to install the mirror. In addition to this size, you can take this mirror up to 110 inches. A large mirror is perfect for placing in place of a double sink. If you want to put a sizable illuminated mirror in the bathroom and be the favorite of all, you can get this mirror.

Dimensions: 55″L x 30″W | Weight: 40.63 Pounds | Color: Warm White, Cold White, Natural White | Frame Material: Frameless

3. Best Round: KWW 28 Inch Color Temperature Adjustable Mirror

Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

This mirror is perfect if you want a modern, round-lighted mirror for your bathroom. There are many designs of mirrors inside the round lighted mirror, but this mirror is best suited for reflecting light evenly from all directions. Like all other modern mirrors, it comes with all kinds of facilities.

You can place this mirror in any small bathroom, and because of its small size, you can use separate mirrors for separate sinks. It is anti-fog-free and easy to clean, so dirt does not accumulate quickly. You can change the LED light used in this mirror to 3 colors. To adjust the mirror’s brightness, a touch button at the bottom allows you to easily change the brightness of the light and increase or decrease the brightness as needed.

The mirror is easy to install. All components for installation are provided with the mirror. Apart from the bathroom, you can use this mirror to apply makeup. This round mirror is available in 4 sizes starting from 28 inches. But the best part is that these mirrors are made of aluminum, so they don’t get damaged easily and will enhance your space’s beauty.

Dimensions: 28″L x 28″W | Weight: 17.5 pounds | Color: 3 colors | Frame Material: Aluminum

4. Best Arched: MYlovelylands 36 inch Metal Frame Arched Bathroom Mirror

Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

A arch mirrors with lights are uncommon, but this mirror is among the best. Arch mirror, like any other mirror, helps enhance the beauty of the bathroom, but its unique design gives a special character to the place where it is placed. Arch uses this mirror so you can see your HD image without distortion and clear reflection.

This mirror has the same features as all other digital, lighted mirrors that you can easily use. High-quality lights are provided at the back to create good-quality reflection, and aluminum is used as the material. You can also change the color of the light and dim the light from 100% to 10% using the touch switch provided on this 36-inch long mirror.

In addition to the bathroom, you can use this mirror as a bedroom, living room, or makeup mirror. Installation is straightforward because all installation materials are provided with it. Attach the two hooks on the back to the screws on the wall, and it will be set, which will take you about 10 minutes. With regular care, this mirror will become your favorite mirror and last for many days.

Dimensions: 36″L x 24″W | Weight: 8.37 Kilograms | Color: Black-arched-led | Frame Material: Aluminum

5. Best Oval: BuLife 28 inch 3 Colors Anti-Fog LED Bathroom Mirror

Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

Like all other mirrors, oval-shaped mirrors are suitable for placement in the bathroom. These mirrors are best for use in front of small or multiple sinks. The best part is that this modern design mirror with lights will attract you and enhance the beauty of any space, including the bathroom, after installation.

This 28-inch mirror has lights and all the facilities of a modern mirror. It has three colors in the lights and the facility to increase or decrease the amount of light. To change all this, two touch switches are provided at the bottom of the mirror and can be closed after using the switch. It is made of aluminum, so don’t worry about breaking it. Also, its most significant advantage is that it has a brightness sensor to provide the light according to your needs.

This arch mirror is available in 3 sizes, so you can choose according to your space. In addition to the bathroom, arch mirrors can be used to enhance the beauty of the bedroom or as a makeup mirror. Many people worry about installing this type of mirror because all the installation materials are provided with it. Using this, you can install it in 10 minutes. You can take it as the best arch mirror, which will be your companion for many days.

Dimensions: 28″L x 20″W | Weight: 4 Pounds | Color: White | Frame Material: Glass, Aluminum

6. Best Crystal: Chende 32 inch Crystal LED Mirror with 3 Light Colors

Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

If you want to give your bathroom a luxury look, this mirror is best suited. This rectangular-shaped mirror differs from all other rectangular mirrors and is perfectly crafted to enhance beauty. Along with all the features of modern design, it has a crystal design on all four sides, which is different from other mirrors.

The crushed diamonds inside the mirror emit three colors of bright light. The mirror measures 24 inches tall by 32 inches wide and uses glass, unlike any other modern mirror. A metal frame holds the glass firmly and makes it water-resistant. The bulb in it will serve you up to 30000 hours so that you can use it for many days without worry.

The mirror weighs 24 pounds and comes with all the mounting hardware to set it up easily. This design mirror comes in one size but sits perfectly in front of any sink. You can use a double mirror in front of the double sink. Apart from the bathroom, you can use it in your makeup vanity.

Dimensions: 32″L x 24″W | Weight: 24 pounds | Color: Glass | Frame Material: Glass

7. Best Heart Shaped: Front Lit Wall Mounted Mirror with 3 Colors

Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

This heart-shaped mirror is perfect if you want to design your bathroom in a couple-friendly way. It will enhance the beauty of your bathroom, and the bright light of the lights will give you a beautiful reflection.

The heart-shaped mirror measures 28 inches in length and width. Like all other mirrors, it has three color adjustments for the LED light and can dim or increase the light as needed. It uses only Front Lit and has two touch switches to operate. It is also made shatter-proof, so there is no fear of breaking. Moreover, the metal frame keeps the mirror strong from all sides.

This heart-shaped mirror with lights is only available a little. This mirror is the best quality among all the mirrors you will find. There is another version that has a crushed diamond design instead of lights. Also, you get this mirror in 5 sizes, which you can place according to the size of your sink. In addition to the bathroom, it is used for makeup desks and fits very well on makeup desks. So we recommend it for you to keep your love evergreen.

Dimensions: 28″L x 28″W | Weight: 15.2 pounds | Color: Simple White | Frame Material: Frameless

8. Best RGB: LOAAO 40 Inch RGB LED Anti-Fog Mirror with 3 Colors

Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

This rectangular-shaped mirror in RGB colors suits people who prefer colors depending on their mood or colorful colors. But if you think it will always give RGB light, it must be corrected because there are eight colors to set the color as you like. But the RGB light is used only as backlit, and the white light is used on the front.

It has all the features of modern design mirrors, but it is more modern compared to others. It has three switches to change the color or use all the facilities, and it has a memory function that will provide light according to your needs. The mirror is anti-fog-free and water-resistant, so it is unnecessary to clean it every time.

But use a little wipe to get good quality reflections, and this little care will add to the beauty of your bathroom for a long time. Depending on the size of your bathroom sink, you can choose different sizes. Note that this is only suitable for bathroom use. There is nothing to worry about installation as all the assembly materials are provided with it, which you can install in just 10 minutes.

Dimensions: 40″L x 32″W | Weight: 32 Pounds | Color: RGB Led (11 Light Modes) | Frame Material: Frameless

9. Best Decorative: Keonjinn Large Dual-Layer Metal Gold Mirror

Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

It is our selection’s best, most interesting, and most beautiful mirror. The mirror is designed in such a perfect way that you will want to look at yourself repeatedly after placing the mirror, and it will enhance your bathroom design even more. The lights on a mirror are perfectly designed to give the mirror a luxury look you will love as soon as you look at it.

This mirror is 72 inches wide and 36 inches long, which is very large. But if you want a small mirror in this design, you can select it by clicking. It doesn’t have a touch like modern mirrors but uses Crystal LED on all four sides. If you want to buy a mirror with touch, you can get a luxury touch mirror here. The lights display three colors and are anti-fog-free.

This mirror is the perfect solution for enhancing the bathroom’s beauty. The mirror has a dual-layer metal frame to make it strong and durable. You can install it yourself; it comes with all the wall mounting materials. If you like it for yourself, you can safely use it for many years.

Dimensions: 72″L x 36″W | Weight: 28.12 Kilograms | Color: Crystal Side Lighted | Frame Material: Aluminum

10. Best Capsule: CITYMODA 32 inch Backlit Vanity Mirror with 3 Colors

Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

This mirror is for those who want to give a touch of innovation to the bathroom because this modern mirror design has come in a new way. Although capsule-shaped lighted mirrors are not widely available, they have become very popular. This design quickly became popular because it fits perfectly in front of small sinks and fits nicely.

The capsule-shaped mirror has no front light but will create a beautiful reflection of you. The light at the back offers three colors, and there is a touch at the bottom to manage everything. The mirror sizes are 20 and 32 inches, which you can use vertically and horizontally. The mirror is fog-free and has no separate frame so that it can be easily wiped off in case of water splashes.

Capsule-shaped mirrors are perfect for small-sized bathrooms. The mirror is easy to operate and install, so that you can do it yourself. If you want to get another mirror shape inside a backlit mirror, you can get it now because many sizes and shapes of mirrors are provided.

Dimensions: 32″L x 20″W | Weight: 11 pounds | Color: Lunaoval | Frame Material: glass

How do you choose a lighted bathroom mirror?

Choosing an illuminated mirror for the bathroom is essential in enhancing that space’s beauty. It not only beautifies your bathroom but also adds elegance and sophistication to your bathroom. Finding the right mirror to put in your bathroom can be challenging, from the many mirrors available on the market. So let me show you what you should choose to install the best mirror in your bathroom.

Size and Placement

First, you must choose the right place for your mirror. The place should be selected in such a way that everything is proportional. Measure the area to make sure how well the mirror fits. Because if you can’t choose the right place, it will look incongruous.

Lighting Type

The next step in selecting the location is choosing the lighting. Select the lights you like. Among the popular lights are LED lights. Because this light can be perfectly decorated, the vanity will also look very attractive in the light.

Mirror Shape and Design

There are different shapes of mirrors, like square, rectangle, and oval. Now you can choose framed or frameless as per your choice, which suits your bathroom.

Demister Function

Choose a demister function based on the type of place you live in. Demisters are very effective for preventing frequent humidity or fogging, for example.

Smart Features

One of our mirror’s features is modernity or intelligence, such as touch control, motion sensor, and Bluetooth connectivity facility, which will create the modernity of your bathroom.

Quality and Materials

All the essential aspects of choosing a mirror are the materials and quality of the mirror glass. I prefer high-quality glass. Choose a mirror that matches the bathroom environment.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Follow some tips to extend the life of your hobby mirror. Have your mirror installed by a professional. Avoid harsh chemicals. Clean with glass cleaner. Fix the self-salvage problem. Enable remastering. If you follow these tips, your hobby mirror will have a long life.