The 11 Best Decorative Living Room Mirrors of 2024

Upgrade your living room with stylish mirrors, reflecting sophistication.


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Best Mirrors for Living Room

Mirrors reflect your appearance and are part of your decor that enhances and beautifies your living space. Give your living room an aesthetic feel with the best-selected mirrors. Choose a mirror that matches your preferences and the rest of the furniture in the living room.

Embrace the appeal of your living room with sleek, frameless mirrors that blend in with modernity. Decorate your living room with ornate frames to make it look luxurious and geometrically shaped mirrors to add an artistic touch to the room. Each mirror will make you look different.

Choose matching mirrors to brighten your living room and add an artistic element. Mirrors enhance decoration as well as function. Introduce the mirror to your other furniture. Here, we have selected some of the best living room mirrors for you and discussed the qualities that you will love.

Our Top Picks

1. Best Decorative: Joudia Decorative Modern Overlapping Metal Wall Mirror

Best Mirrors for Living Room

The main task of using a mirror is to look at yourself in the mirror and tidy up. Currently, mirrors are used for decoration. This mirror is very effective, especially for living room decoration. So if you want to enhance the decoration, you can take this modern mirror. It is only designed for decoration and will fit in the living room.

It comprises 14 different-sized rings, and mirrors are set inside three rings. The frame is made of metal and solid, which you can place horizontally or vertically according to your choice. Along with the black color, you will get a gold color frame. Choose a medium-sized space to place it and bring out the beauty. It can even be placed in the bedroom to enhance the beauty. We are confident that it will be effective in enhancing beauty.

Dimensions: 48″L x 19″W | Weight: 9 Pounds | Color: Gold | Frame Material: Metal

2. Best Round: Chende Large Wall Gold Mirror with Metal Leaves

Best Mirrors for Living Room

Round mirrors are the most useful as a mirror because their shape and design fit well with any space. It is used for two purposes: to enhance beauty and look at yourself. But since this mirror is for living room use, this mirror is most useful for decoration. Branches and leaves surrounding the mirror will look good placed anywhere. Also, the beveled edge of the round mirror makes it look perfect.

You can take it in 4 colors (golden, silver, black, and bronze) to bring out the beauty of the mirror against the color of the room. A round mirror usually has a hook on the back, but this one has two hooks to hold the mirror firmly to the wall. You can also set it in the bedroom to add elegance to the space, enhancing the bedroom’s feng shui.

Dimensions: 39″L x 39″W | Weight: 6 Pounds | Color: Gold | Frame Material: Aluminum

3. Best Sunbrust : Stonebriar Round Antique Gold Sunburst Wall Mirror

Best Mirrors for Living Room

Mirrors work well for feng shui, but mirror designs neutralize the feng shui effect of the room. For example, if placed in a sunburst-shaped room, it carries the image of the sun, which is very beneficial for feng shui. This mirror is everyone’s favorite and suits the living room. It fits nicely in small spaces and is comparatively less expensive. The beveled glass fits the frame, and a metal frame is provided for strengthening.

You can get it in black and gold, but we prefer a preferred color. The overall frame size is 23.62 inches, but the diameter of the center mirror is 8.81 inches. Due to the small size of the mirror, it should not be used to look at yourself. Just use it to beautify the space. Instead of just one mirror, place several small mirrors next to it to make the space look elegant.

Dimensions: 23.62″L x 23.62″W | Weight: 2.6 pounds | Color: Gold | Frame Material: Metal

4. Best Window: HQiJun Wall Mirror Window Decorative Arched Mirrors

Best Mirrors for Living Room

If your living room has few windows, use window mirrors to increase the amount of windows artificially. It will make your living room stylish as well as enhance its beauty. If the amount of light in the room is low, you can increase the amount of light by using the mirror in the appropriate place and the mirror’s reflection. This selected window mirror fits beautifully into any space of any size.

The high-quality hooks are on two sides with high-quality metal, so you can easily install them on the wall. Apart from that, it is available in golden color and several sizes. Select the mirror size according to the place to be placed and use the black color that suits the space. All in all, the window mirror will be one of the best living room mirrors for you, which will make your decoration perfect.

Dimensions: 31.5″L x 19.7″W | Weight: 16 Ounces | Color: Black | Frame Material: Metal

5. Best Design: Ironsmithn Wall Mirror Mounted Decorative Leaf Stylish Mirror

Best Mirrors for Living Room

If you look carefully, you will find many designer mirrors, but they may need better quality. But we like this Leaf-shaped mirror a lot because everything is made perfectly. Placed anywhere in the house, it will add a stylish glow and attract everyone’s attention. Being 45 inches in size, it fits well in any ample space. If you want to enjoy more beauty, put two together.

The iron frame has a rustic color finish, which is the most preferred. It is also available in gold and black colors. Although the mirror is selected for the living room, you can easily use it to enhance the beauty of the bedroom. Although it is said to be suitable for Bathroom Vanity, it is not suitable because the glass size is small, which is not suitable to see the full view.

Dimensions: 45″L x 18.5″W | Weight: 6.6 pounds | Color: Rustic | Frame Material: Iron

6. Best Stainless Steel: Chende Beveled Edge Large Decorative Wall Mirror

Best Mirrors for Living Room

This mirror works very well to make a large living room luxurious. The mirror is designed to complement the room’s decoration, while the Beveled Edge will add extra beauty. It can be easily adjusted to any environment, adding brightness and natural shade to the room. It matches any color wall, and it has no separate color. The mirror will help you a lot to enhance the feng shui inside the house.

Apart from this mirror size, a square mirror also fits into smaller spaces. But it could be a better fit to use. In addition to the living room, you can set the mirror in the bathroom and bedroom. There is no hassle to set up, which you can do yourself, and all the tools to set up are included with it. Clean regularly for extended-lasting use. Also, you can safely use it till the next generation.

Dimensions: 22″L x 47″W | Weight: 25 Pounds | Color: Silver | Frame Material: Stainless Steel

7. Best Framless: FYWDGLART Frameless Beveled Decor Silver Polished Mirror

Best Mirrors for Living Room

Mirrors work best to enhance the beauty of the living room. So, if you want to enhance the beauty of the living room, use a mirror that matches the living room. Our selection of hexagon-shaped mirrors for the living room will add elegance and make it look perfect. The frameless mirror has a unique design that enhances the decoration to make it a favorite of the customers.

It is available in 23-inch and 32-inch sizes and has all the accessories to assemble. Choose a dark color wall to make the mirror stand out against the wall. Also, if the wall is big, place two mirrors together to increase the beauty. It is not good to use it for appearance so that it can be placed anywhere in the house as a decorative product. Follow the instructions that come with the mirror and maintain it regularly for long-lasting use.

Dimensions: 23.6″L x 23.6″W | Weight: 9.7 pounds | Color: Silver | Frame Material: Frameless

8. Best Wall mounted: KOHROS Large Decorative Rectangle Mirror for Wall Decor

Best Mirrors for Living Room

You can choose this mirror to enhance the beauty of the bare part of the wall in the living room. This Rectangle Mirror works very well for decorating large walls. Its unique design will attract the attention of guests visiting your home and enhance the room’s beauty. The mirror is surrounded by small beveled mirrors firmly fixed on the metal frame.

Depending on the size of the wall, you can get the mirror of your choice, where the quality of each mirror is always the same. Perfectly hand-crafted to look durable and beautiful. Don’t just buy it for living room use; you can also get it for bedroom use as it looks good anywhere. It can be set horizontally and vertically and placed low on the wall to view yourself where you can see your entire image.

Dimensions: 27.5″L x 39.4″W | Weight: 24 pounds | Color: Silver | Frame Material: Frameless

9. Best Ovarall : HARRITPURE Free Standing Leaning Arched Full Length Mirror

Best Mirrors for Living Room

If you want to get a full-length mirror for the living room, then get this mirror because it is suitable for the living room. This type of mirror is mainly used for the bedroom, but it fits well in the living room. Placing it in the living room or entryway attracts the attention of the guests who come home where they can fit themselves by watching the full HD image. You can also set this mirror in the living room to get ready when you leave the house.

If the amount of light in your living room is low, you can quickly increase the light by setting this type of mirror. So, while setting up, keep in mind the room’s Feng Shui. You can hang the mirror on the wall or place it using the included stand. All installation materials are provided with the mirror. You can also select the mirror in a few sizes and colors according to the size and color of the living room. If you are afraid of breaking the mirror when placed in the living room, there is no reason to worry because it is made of explosion-proof glass. If you want to use a mirror for decoration in the living room and to see yourself, then this mirror will be helpful for you.

Dimensions: 65″L x 22″W | Weight: 20 pounds | Color: Gold | Frame Material: Aluminum

10. Best Hanging: HARRITPURE Arched Mirror with Hanging Leather Strap

Best Mirrors for Living Room

This type of mirror is for those whose living room is small or who need more space to install a large mirror. This type of mirror is helpful for house guests to see themselves tidy. It is light to hang with Leather straps and has a high-quality hook to carry the load. The Leather Strap can hang the mirror at a distance of 9.3 inches.

You can hang this mirror on the living room entryway or ordinary bathroom door. You can also place it on your bedroom or bathroom wall for a complete look. Apart from the arched shape, you can get it in oval shape and black gold color. So take it if you want to install and use the mirror without hassle.

Dimensions: 48″L x 16″W | Weight: 6 pounds | Color: Black | Frame Material: Aluminum

11. Best Modern Style: Empire Art Direct Beveled Squares Modern Mirror

Best Mirrors for Living Room

Currently, this type of mirror has gained a lot of popularity. You can increase the beauty of the wall and the room by hanging it on the wall. You can place it not only in the living room but anywhere in the home and office. The mirror is made up of 42 small mirrors, and each mirror is provided with Beveled Squares.

But you cannot use the mirror to see yourself because the glasses are small, so it is not suitable for seeing yourself. The mirror reflects without distortion, so if you look at this, it looks like digital art. The entire structure is handcrafted for strength. According to the shape of the wall, you can set it horizontally and vertically, and there are hooks according to the position in which to set it.

Dimensions: 48″L x 24″W | Weight: 31.6 Pounds | Color: Silver | Frame Material: Frameless

Where to Put Mirror in Living Room

Placing a mirror in the living room is a matter of aesthetics. But if the mirror is not placed correctly, it will look not good. Now, here are some tips on where you should place the mirror in your living room.

Opposite a Window

If your living room has a window, you can place it opposite the window. This is because mirrors reflect natural light and help make your living room brighter and more spacious.

Behind Furniture

If you have a table or sofa in your living room, you can place a mirror behind it. It will make your living room look attractive to everyone. If you want to place it elsewhere outside of it, you can.

Above a Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your living room, you can place a mirror over the mantel to warm and surround the fireplace.

On a Feature Wall

If you have a traditional or feature wall in your living room, consider installing a mirror on that wall. This will double the beauty of your wall.

In a Dark Corner

You can increase the light of the living room by placing a mirror in the dark part of your living room. Mirrors add natural light to the dark and keep the room’s feng shui in order. Consider more giant mirrors if more light is needed.

As a Statement Piece

If you use a unique or decorative mirror, place it where it can be easily seen. You can place it on the wall or in a prominent place in your room to attract attention.

Alongside a Gallery, a Wall

If your living room wall has artwork or photographs, you can place a mirror next to it. Doing so can break the visual display of your room.

In a Hallway

You can place mirrors in your hallway to improve the overall look of your living room. This can create the illusion of a larger space.