How to Use Mirrors in Good Feng Shui - Effects & Placement Rules

Discover how to use mirrors in Feng Shui to enhance positive energy and harmony in your home.


How To Use Mirror in Feng Shui

Mirrors are the best for enhancing the feng shui of the room, which can enhance the beauty of the space and increase its energy. When used in the right place, mirrors increase the positive energy of the room, increase the amount of light, and make the room look spacious. So, it is important to place the mirror in the right place to get good results. Below are the benefits and guidelines of mirror placement, from which you can learn all the rules of mirror placement and get it right.

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10 Good Feng Shui Mirror Effects

Mirrors in the home enhance the aesthetics and amplify the positive energy. The home needs to have aesthetic and feng shui influence. By strategically placing a mirror in the right way, you can influence well-being, abundance, and positivity in the home. Below, we discuss ten mirror feng shui effects in detail and how you can apply them in your home.

1. Expanding Space and Light

If you want to illuminate your room with natural light, place a mirror opposite the lamp. Even if your room looks small, installing a mirror will make the room look brighter and more spacious. This allows you to access natural light easily. Strategically placing mirrors can make your home look bigger and more attractive.

2. Creating Depth and Dimension

A decorative mirror enhances any environment. Strategically placing mirrors on walls or corners can add a touch of depth, making the space look larger and more dynamic. Place a mirror to make a small space look bigger by adding depth and dimension. Explore different mirror placements to add even more depth and dimension.

3. Amplifying Positive Energy

Mirrors can diffuse light and energy anywhere, so decorate with positive things like beautiful artwork, greenery, or decorations. Capture and reflect the elements that bring you joy, inspiration, and vitality. Mirrors not only reflect you but also help amplify the positive energy present in your environment.

4. Balancing Yin and Yang Energies

Mirrors are very effective in balancing yin and yang energy. They can reflect and redistribute light and energy or balance the yin (passive) and yang (active) energies of a space. For example, mirrors can reflect natural light in a dark room, providing yang. They can also make the room feel extra bright or active, making it feel more calm and harmonious.

5. Attracting Wealth and Abundance

Place a mirror at the entrance of your home to attract positive energy into the home. This can increase the flow of prosperity and abundance in the home. Mirrors can be placed in the dining area to enhance the abundance and richness associated with food and nutrition.

6. Correcting Feng Shui Imbalances

You can correct feng shui imbalances by strategically placing mirrors in your home. Consider placing a mirror anywhere in the house that feels dark or stagnant. As a result, mirrors will improve the overall energy flow of the home and create a harmonious and balanced positive atmosphere in the space.

7. Reflecting Positive Relationships

Mirrors play an important role in building positive relationships at home. Mirrors can be placed in the relationship corner of the house to increase harmony and communication between relationships.   Mirrors capture images and be aware of reflections because they can affect the dynamics of the relationship.

8. Promoting Self-Reflection and Awareness

A mirror not only reflects your outward appearance but also promotes self-reflection and awareness. Mirrors are very effective in reflecting your thoughts, emotions, and intentions. Place mirrors where you spend most of your time. This allows you to use the mirror as a self-awareness tool.

9. Enhancing Personal Grooming and Confidence

A mirror is an object that enhances grooming and self-care, as well as personal grooming and confidence. A full-length mirror can reflect your entire body, conveying your sense of completeness and confidence. So, place mirrors in appropriate places at home to enhance your daily routine.

10. Intuitive Placement and Care

It is important to place the mirror in the right place and maintain it properly. Keep the mirrors clean and dust-free to keep the light and power of the mirror effective. Dirt blocks the positive energy of the mirror and destroys focus. So keep the house mirror clean regularly and increase your vitality.

7 Tips for Feng Shui Mirror Placement

Mirrors not only beautify any space but can also have a positive impact on living space with proper placement. Below are top tips for placing feng shui mirrors in your living space.

Hang Your Best Mirrors in the Dining Room

Place large statement mirrors in the dining room to add wealth and positive energy to your home. This will make the space look attractive and also provide functionality.

Avoid Mirrors Facing Unpleasant Views

Many people place mirrors opposite windows to illuminate the room with natural light. Although it seems logical to many, feng shui advises against feng shui. But its reflections of unpleasant sights like electrical wires can have a negative energy effect on your home.

Position Mirrors to Reflect Attractive Vistas

A mirror can brighten up any space and add energy to it. For example, If you put a mirror in the garden, it will double its beauty and reflect something positive. Mirrors are very useful for reflecting interesting scenes.

Place Mirrors in Hallways Thoughtfully

Placing a mirror in the hallway is both beneficial and harmful. Placing mirrors in hallways creates the illusion of space and increases energy flow. But it is better to avoid placing the mirror at the end of the hallway. Because it can block the flow of energy.

Keep Mirrors Away from Toilets

Mirrors are placed in bathrooms to make them attractive and functional. However, if the mirror is not placed properly, it can have negative effects on your home. So, while installing the mirror in the bathroom, make sure that the mirror does not face the toilet.

Avoid Mirrors Facing Your Bed in the Bedroom

Keeping a mirror in the bedroom is common. But it should not have a negative effect on your room or you. For example, avoid placing mirrors facing the bed. Karan can cause you to have bad sleep, restless nights, and bad dreams.

Mirrors in the Living Room Can Amplify Positive Energy

Mirrors in the living room are not only attractive but also effective in increasing positive energy. Increase positive energy in your home by placing it in the living room. It also provides a great space for guests while entertaining them.