How to Use a Candle Warmer – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide | FAQs

Discover how to use a candle warmer for safe, flameless fragrance and longer-lasting candles.


How to Use a Candle Warmer

Add candle warmth to your home decor. It will beautify your space and make it fragrant. You can easily use it and enjoy the aroma without needing to open the flame. How you can use this warm candle is analyzed in detail below.

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Why use a Candle Warmer?

Why use a Candle Warmer

A warm candle not only beautifies your home but also serves various purposes and provides convenience.

1. Scent Diffusion

These candle warmers do not melt down like traditional candles. Instead, they burn them and spread the fragrance in the air. This allows you to enjoy the scent of your favorite candles comfortably without open flames or smoke.

2. Safety

These candles are not the same as traditional candles. Candle warmers do not use a flame, so you can safely use them at home with children or pets or in places where there is open space.

3. Longevity

Candle warmers that slowly burn the wax help extend the life of candles. This allows you to enjoy the warmth and aroma of the candle for a long time.

4. Ease of Use

Candle warmers are very easy to use. Place the candle on a warm plate, then turn it on. Wait until the wax melts. After a while, you will see the misty aroma spread. There is no need to use any remaining wax.

5. Versatility

You will find a variety of candles, from classic to contemporary styles and designs, which will give your decor versatility and allow you to control the intensity of the fragrance.

Candle Warmer Uses Rules

Candle Warmer Uses Rules

1. Choose the Right Candle Warmer

Different types of warmers include plate warmers, lamp-style warmers, and crock-style warmers. You can choose any candle warmer. A plate warmer consists of a heating plate that melts the candle. Lamp-style warmers have lights that generate heat to melt the wax.

2. Find a Safe Location

Find a flat, stable place for your favorite candle. Keep away from flammable materials. Choose a place that is free and has enough space.

3. Prepare Your Candle

Trim the candle wick to about 1/4 inch before enjoying it warm. This will result in a cleaner burn and prevent excessive smoking. Then, remove any debris or dust from the top of the candle.

4. Turn On the Candle Warmer

For plate warmers, lamp-style warmers, and crock-style warmers, plug them into a power outlet or turn on the power switch. When they get warm, add the candle.

5. Place the Candle on the Warmer

Place your favorite candle on a plate or warming plate in plate warmers, lamp-style warmers, or crock-style warmers. Make sure the plate or warming plate is stable and crash-proof.

6. Monitor the Candle

Be careful not to overheat or smoke while the candle is warming up. If you notice any problems with overflowing or washing out, adjust the temperature setting.

7. Enjoy the Fragrance

As the candle warms up, it will slowly melt and spread its fragrance around you. Now, you can enjoy the warm scent of your favorite candle in an inviting, pleasant atmosphere filling your home.

8. Turn Off the Warmer

Be sure to close the candle warmer when you are done enjoying the warm aroma of the candle or before you leave the room. Unplug the switch to avoid any possible danger.

9. Clean the Warmer

Clean the warmer when you’re done enjoying the scent of your candles. Use a paper towel or cloth to clean the warmer. Regular cleaning of the warmer prolongs its life and maintains efficiency.

10. Safety Precautions

Follow some precautions when using candle warmers. For example, candles should never be left unheated while in use. Keep away from children and pets. Do not place candles in containers that could damage the warmth or cause overheating. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions if something goes wrong.

Types of Candle Warmer

There are different types of candle warmers available in the market. Each has different flavors, properties, and benefits. Below are some common warming candles.

1. Plate Warmers

One traditional candle warmer is a pellet warmer. It consists of a flat heating plate on which you can place Mobati jars or pots. The pellet warmer melts the wax in the air as it cools and releases the fragrance. These pellet warmers are very easy to use.

2. Lamp-Style Warmers

These lamp-style warmers are similar to plate warmers. However, lamp-style warmers have lamps or bulbs added to generate heat. Then, put the candle on the heat, which will melt in the heat of the bulb and spread the fragrance. These lamp-style warmers will brighten up any room.

3. Crock-Style Warmers

Crock-style warmers are ceramic or earthenware vessels or dishes where you move the candle. The pottery helps the wax melt and release the fragrance, allowing you to enjoy candle warmth in a cozy environment.

4. Electric Wax Melters

This electric wax melter, also known as a tart warmer, is available in different designs. You place a small plate or tray on this device and then the candle. The wax melts in the heat and releases the fragrance.

5. Tea Light Warmers

This tea light candle is energy efficient. A tea light uses heat from a tea light candle placed under a dish or plate to melt the candle. This warmer is easy to use and can be heated by tea light rather than electricity.

6. Battery-Operated Warmers

Battery-operated warmers are quite convenient for outdoor events or camping trips. They can be accessed easily without any hassle. Usually, heaters use rechargeable or disposable batteries to power the element.

7. Auto Shut-Off Warmers

Candle warmers can be selected with auto shut-off warmers for extra safety. Those who forget to turn off the candle warmer. It is quite effective for them. It automatically stops heating after a certain period. Prevents the heater from overheating and increases safety.


Use jar candles in containers to avoid mess. Because candles can melt and make a mess. Avoid using candles without a holder as much as possible.

You can keep a candle warm for several hours. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you are correct. But it is better not to leave the candle warm for a long time.

You can reuse a candle after it melts in the heat. However, in that case, the fragrance of the candle may be reduced. If everything about the candle looks good to you, you can continue using the wax.

Candle warmers are very energy efficient because they use low-power lights that don’t consume much electricity.

Keeping a candle warm overnight is impractical and risky. Accidents can occur due to overheating and fire.

Candle warmers can be used to melt wax or tar. With a few precautions, you can easily melt wax or tar.