The 10 Best Arched Mirrors for Bathroom, Bedroom & Living Room

Decorate your space with the best arched mirrors: style meets sophistication.


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Best Arched Mirrors

Beautify your living space with our best selection of arched mirrors. Arched mirrors not only reflect your face but also make your space attractive. This arched mirror is perfect for any space.

Our arched mirrors are crafted with unique materials and care to give your space a classic look easily. This arched mirror will easily charm any decor in your room, living room, or bathroom. The specialty of arched mirrors is that they fit nicely into any small space. There is no substitute for this mirror to add luxury to your bathroom.

These arched mirrors are available in traditional and modern designs. These arched mirrors are made of the best-selected metal material, increasing the mirror’s durability and longevity. You can customize the mirror to match your room decor. You can find arched mirrors in various colors and designs here.

Our Top Picks

1. Best Full Length: HARRITPURE Free Standing Leaning Aluminum Frame Mirror

Best Arched Mirrors

According to experts, a full-length arch mirror is most effective in enhancing the beauty of a bedroom or living room. If you want to enjoy the beauty well, take this mirror we selected. This mirror is one of our best-selling indoor mirrors. Use this mirror to fully enjoy your reflection and increase the size of the room.

A strong aluminum frame surrounds this 65-inch high mirror, so there is no fear of breaking while being moved. You can use it by hanging it on the wall, standing it on the floor, or leaning it. In terms of installation, it is jam-free, and you can install it yourself. Apart from the black color, you will get it in golden color and a few sizes.

Dimensions: 71″L x 30″W | Weight: 47.9 Pounds | Color: Black-rect Edge | Frame Material: Aluminum

2. Best Choice: TokeShimi Gold Arch Wall Bathroom Mirror

Best Arched Mirrors

This type of mirror is enough to add luxury to the bathroom or any other room wall. To complete the bathroom or vanity decor, we have put this mirror at the top of the list, and the customers like it. The mirror is most preferred because its design has a wide frame with firmly placed glass.

This mirror is 39 inches long by 27 inches wide, and the frame is aluminum. The mirror frame is available in 4 colors, from which you can choose the perfect color for the room. Apart from the color, you can select any size according to the room size. The mirror is easy to install, comes with all installation materials, and can be easily installed by following instructions.

Dimensions: 27″L x 39″W | Weight: 18.86 Pounds | Color: Gold | Frame Material: Aluminum

3. Best Window: HQiJun Wall Mirror Window Decorative Mirror

Best Arched Mirrors

Window design mirrors are best suited to decorate the house or increase the light in the room. Our selected top-rated window design Mirror is the most popular and best-selling among customers in this design. The medium-sized mirror fits any room. You can easily place it in your favorite place. If the window in the room is low, use this mirror to increase the window with decoration. 

You can have one or more mirrors if you want a window mirror in the living room. This mirror is available in total length, but a medium size mirror is perfect for proper placement and beautiful decoration. This type of mirror can be placed anywhere in the house and even looks beautiful on the house’s outer wall. It comes with all the installation materials, so you can take it to decorate the living room.

Dimensions: 31.5″L x 19.7″W | Weight: 18 Pounds | Color: Black | Frame Material: Metal

4. Best Wood: Kate and Laurel Hutton Rustic Modern Farmhouse Arch Mirror

Best Arched Mirrors

If you are looking for an arch-shaped mirror made of stone, you will surely like it. Placing it on the wall of l gives your walls an attractive appeal. The 36-inch mirror fits well with the frame and can be mounted on the wall with the help of hooks.

The most attractive aspect of the mirror is its 2-inch-wide wooden frame. The vintage-finish wood framed mirror is available in three colors (Natural, Rustic Brow,n, and Walnut Brown). The mirror can be placed in your home’s living room or bedroom. In addition, it is well set at the entrance of the room. With all the convenience and ent, you can place this mirror in multiple ways inside the room.

Dimensions: 36″L x 24″W | Weight: 15.4 Pounds | Color: Rustic Brown | Frame Material: Engineered Wood

5. Best Hanging: XRAMFY Aluminum Frame Leather Hanging Mirror

Best Arched Mirrors

Arched wall-hanging mirrors are famous for enhancing the beauty of bedrooms and living rooms. Interior mirrors of this design are the most preferred and much cheaper, and a leather sling is used for hanging. Besides being easy to place in any small space, they will add a touch of elegance and increase the size of the room. They’re perfect for entryways, but you can use them anywhere.

The 48-inch-tall mirror provides an accurate reflection and a full-body view. It has a thick, high-quality aluminum frame that weighs relatively less than other mirrors. The mirror can be placed anywhere in your room and fits well with any space. All materials for assembly are mirrors, and a replacement mirror will be provided in case of mirror damage.

Dimensions: 48″L x 16″W | Weight: 5 Pounds | Color: Black | Frame Material: Aluminum

6. Best Vanity: Chende Large Antique Decorative Wall Mirror

Best Arched Mirrors

Place the unique arched design mirror for room decoration and self-viewing. The mirror fits well in the full wooden frame, which looks perfect. The modern design mirror provides HD reflection so you can see yourself clearly and brighten the space with natural light.

Apart from this design, you will find it in several other designs and sizes. You can choose any color of white, black, or gold to match the room’s color. You can place the mirror anywhere that suits your preferences, including the bathroom, bedroom, and living room. It is also suitable for a beauty salon shop. Two hooks on the back easily hold the mirror, which can be attached to any wall.

Dimensions: 47″L x 20″W | Weight: 25.6 pounds | Color: Black | Frame Material: Wood

7. Best With Shelf: Stone & Beam Modern Round Arc Iron Hanging Wall Mirror With Shelf

Best Arched Mirrors

If you are looking for the best quality mirror with a shelf, you can go for it as it is the best mirror in this category. It is a traditional mirror that people have been using for many years. But with today’s modern design mirrors, this mirror is still preferred by people. All its parts have been upgraded, so you can still confidently use it.

The mirror frame is made of high-quality metal, so you can use it for many days without damage. Also, you can keep small decorative products or necessary things in place of the self-contained items. The mirror is mainly used for the bathroom, but you can use it outside or anywhere in the house. You can use the mirror if you want to maintain it for a long time.

Dimensions: 30″L x 20.25″W | Weight: 13.7 Pounds | Color: Dark Bronze | Frame Material: Iron

8. Best Lighted: MYlovelylands Metal Frame Arched Bathroom Mirror

Best Arched Mirrors

Nowadays, mirrors with lights are trendy for decorating the bathroom in modern design. Although LED mirrors are available in many designs, this arch mirror fits nicely in any small space. This arched mirror is one of the best mirrors we’ve tested and is an all-time favorite.

This type of mirror is best for the bathroom and ideal for making it look spacious. It gives clear reflections without distortion. You can easily install it on the wall, and all the installation materials are provided. It is no problem if you need to learn how to use it, as you can follow the instructions book. There is no substitute for this mirror to make the bathroom bright and luxurious, so you can take it for granted.

Dimensions: 36″L x 24″W | Weight: 18.41 pounds | Color: Silver-arched-led | Frame Material: Metal

9. Best Frameless: PANDEELS Arched Beveled Polished Edge Mirror

Best Arched Mirrors

Many prefer frameless mirrors but do not like them because they fear breakage. But we have tested the current frameless mirrors, modern designs with the entire backside polished. Also, this mirror uses high-quality 5 mm glass, so there is no fear of breaking easily. Its 1″ beveled edge gives the mirror unique features that will make anyone fall in love at first sight.

You can use this beveled-edge mirror anywhere in your home. It uses Z bar hooks to hang on the wall, so the mirror stays in place without moving. You don’t have to worry about humidity or water effects; you can. Cleaning is also easy because it is frameless, so there is no fear of dirt getting stuck. It can be easily removed by using only a dry clean cloth.

Dimensions: 38″L x 26″W | Weight: 19.41 pounds | Color: Silver | Frame Material: frameless

10. Best Traditional: Kate and Laurel Arendahl Traditional Arch Mirror

Best Arched Mirrors

Placing a traditional mirror at home adds a decorative touch and makes the space classic. Many people like to decorate their houses or rooms with traditional designs; this mirror is for them. Our selected arched mirrors are as perfect as a conventional mirror. They have all the features you need in a traditional mirror, perfect for your next generation.

This mirror is solid and durable and made of a full iron frame. The mirror used in it is shatterproof,f, which won’t get damaged easily, and you can see your HD look without distortion. Depending on the size of the space, you can get it in several sizes and also choose the color of your choice. This mirror works very well as a feng shui mirror, so you can pick it up and place it anywhere in your home.

Dimensions: 30.75″L x 19″W | Weight: 10.6 Pounds | Color: Bronze | Frame Material: Metal

How to Choose the Right Arch Mirror Shape for Your Room

You choose the right arched mirror according to your room’s size, shape, furniture, and balance. Choose arched mirrors with the furniture design of your room and consider your personal preferences. Follow our guidelines for choosing the shape and size of your mirror.

Consider Room Architecture

Before placing the mirror, check the shape of your room. If your room has an arched or similar design, consider placing arched mirrors and arched ones.

Complement Furniture and Decor

Choose an arched mirror that complements your other furniture to make your room attractive and aesthetic. If you have round furniture, for example, you can select a round arch mirror to complete it.

Balance with Room Dimensions

Choose the arch mirror according to the balance of your room. If your room is small, you can use small arched mirrors. And if the room is big, you choose an arched mirror in that proportion.

Reflect the Room's Function

Before choosing an arch mirror, you should determine your room. Have an idea of where you want to place the arched mirror. Arched mirrors will reflect you and create an aesthetic ambiance in your space and its surroundings.

Explore Various Arch Designs

Before choosing what type of arched mirror to get for your room, consider that arched mirrors come in various sizes and designs. Choose the arched mirror according to your room and your preference.

Consider Ceiling Height

Choose arched mirrors that maintain the height and balance of your ceiling. Because long arched mirrors can equal the ceiling, small arches lower than the ceiling suit your room.

Consider the Wall Space

Choose the wall carefully before installing the arched mirror. Care should be taken to ensure that the walls stay dry. Because damp walls can damage the mirror, choose arched mirrors by determining the length and width of the wall.

Mix and Match Shapes

Arched mirrors can be placed to match the overall design. Adding arched mirrors of different shapes increases the aesthetics and people’s attraction.