How to Clean Crystal Chandelier without Taking it Down

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How to Clean Crystal Chandelier without Taking it Down

Chandeliers can multiply the beauty of any place in the house. At the same time, if the chandelier is unclean, the beauty begins to decrease, and the amount of light decreases and becomes ineffective. Because of its size, the chandelier is uncluttered and difficult to pull down from the ceiling. Crystal chandeliers are especially difficult to clean.

So today, I will show you how to clean any type of ceiling crystal chandelier without opening it. The details of what to do and how to clean are given below.

Table of Contents

How Often to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers are not easy to clean where they are kept. If the place where you placed the chandelier is very dirty and the level of pollution is high, then it needs to be cleaned frequently. However, in the case of indoor crystal chandeliers, it is recommended that they be cleaned at least two times a year. But to keep it looking new, a light wipe will do just fine if the light is low.

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Step Ladder or Stool
  • Protective Gloves
  • Spray Bottle
  • Soft, Lint-Free Cloths or Sponges
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Polishing Cloth
  • Vacuum


  • Distilled water
  • Commercial glass cleaner
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Isopropyl alcohol


1. Preparation

Before cleaning the chandelier, ensure it is switched off and cool enough to touch. Before you start cleaning, put an old cloth under it so that the floor is not dirty from the dirt left during cleaning. Wear hand gloves so that the chandelier does not get handprints or the sharp edges of the crystal do not damage the hands.

2. Dusting

Before cleaning, wipe light dirt from the chandelier with a dry microfiber cloth as you would for light cleaning. When wiping, wipe from top to bottom of the chandelier. Be careful not to open or break the crystal in this case.

3. Vacuuming

If the chandelier is large or has accumulated a lot of dust, use a vacuum cleaner for quick cleaning. But remember, don’t use the vacuum cleaner too close to the chandelier, as it may damage it.

4. Cleaning Solution

Prepare the solution by mixing an adequate amount of dish soap or glass cleaner with warm water before cleaning. Avoid harsh chemicals, as they can damage the crystal and chandelier. If you are not experienced in making solutions, you can also use a cleaner specially formulated for chandeliers.

5. Spot Cleaning

Soak a soft, lint-free cloth or sponge in the cleaning solution. Then, gently wipe all parts of the chandelier. Scrub the stubborn stains well to remove them. While doing all this, be careful not to get any electrical items wet. If the cloth and sponge cannot clean the area, use a small brush to clean it.

6. Rinsing

After cleaning the entire chandelier with the cleaning solution, wipe it with clean water so that no soapy water remains. In this case, also take care that water does not reach the electrical part. You can use a spray to clean the crystals thoroughly without a cloth.

7. Drying

The chandelier must be completely dry before restarting. After cleaning, wipe with a dry, lint-free cloth to remove residual moisture. Make sure all parts are dry to avoid water stains or stubborn stains.

8. Polishing

Once the chandelier is completely dry, use a microfiber cloth to clean the glass to make it shine like new. Gently rub over the crystal in a circular motion to restore shine. Avoid rubbing with excessive force, as this can cause permanent scratches on the crystal.

9. Final Inspection

Once the chandelier is completely clean and dry, re-inspect for dirt. If you see any dirt, repeat the cleaning process. If you are satisfied with the cleaning, turn on the chandelier, and you will see that the lamp’s brightness has increased.

Safety Tips When Cleaning a Chandelier

Choosing a place to place a mirror is a highly complex matter from selecting a mirror. But you can easily pick a strategic location here. Follow the tips below to get maximum benefits.

Secure the Chandelier

Before cleaning, ensure the chandelier is securely hung from the ceiling and does not come loose due to movement during cleaning. For added protection, fasten to a sturdy structure that will prevent accidental falls after starting the cleaning process.

Use a Stable Ladder or Scaffold

Use a sturdy ladder that will remain stable while cleaning the hanging chandelier. Avoid using chairs or tables, as they are not practical enough, and accidents can happen anytime.

Turn Off Electricity

To clean a hanging chandelier, turning off its power line is important. To avoid the risk of electric shock, turn off the power or open the circuit fuse in the chandelier.

Use Appropriate Cleaning Tools

Consider placing a full-length mirror to match the rest of the bedroom furniture. Choose a location that you can easily access. This will make your room feel luxurious.

Work Carefully and Slowly

The faster you want to do the work, the more mistakes will be made inside the work. To avoid accidents or major damage, follow the proper procedure while cleaning the chandelier. After cleaning each step properly, you will see that the chandelier is not damaged, and the dirt will only accumulate briefly.


It depends on the chandelier’s design. Crystals can be removed for easy cleaning. If the manufacturer mentions removal, follow their instructions. If you need help cleaning everything properly, seek advice from a professional.

If you are not experienced in cleaning crystal chandeliers safely, hire a professional chandelier cleaner. They have the necessary skills and equipment to clean high-ceiling chandeliers safely.